Plateau climbing…

Oh, I am the first to admit that women are funny, funny creatures. (And that’s *not* “funny haha”.) Men aren’t exactly a stroll in the park either- but who’s left to date? An amphibian??

 A few months ago just the word “drama” alone would have made my hair follicles want to implode… I had to avoid TV at all costs.

And now, well… Hmm. I’m bored. Horrendously, appallingly bored. I have a smorgasbord of men in my life (*sigh* Always wanted to say that- somehow I thought it’d be more exciting than it actually is)—all of them have turned out to be superbly superfluous. I think I may be in need of a little……… drama. (How “Dallas” of me. Quelle horreur).

I feel inclined to put a bunch of just-lit firecrackers under each of them. Those cheap, Made in Thailand, especially vicious ones made of 99.8% gunpowder. I love them all, my boys. In a very decidedly un-physical way of course. (Been there, done that, yadda yadda yawn.) But seriously, are we going to continue this combat dance of kamikaze dating for all time?

I find myself in this little pickle. Don’t get me wrong- 90% of the time, I love living this selfish existence, where solitude is self-inflicted, and choice is #1. But, I can’t help but think that the more I get used to this, the more I will become set in my ways and forget how to even spell “compromise”.

All of my lovely boys are lovely. Describing them would require a whole new article. And life insurance.

But they are just like me. Sadly. Too happy being who we are to mould ourselves to the required shape in order to make a relationship work between us. Which is a good thing, mostly. I guess. Meh.                                                                                                                

Maybe I should do what I always do. Throw myself head-first into a love at first sight thing. Which, long-term, never proved effective. But at least kept me awake.

I haven’t had a proper, love-fuelled, passionate, lovers quarrel for a year. Who can I call to renew my prescription?

Its like hair. When you have curly, you want straight, and vice versa. When I was in a relationship that was showing signs of going south-bound, I longed for days filled with zero responsibility, wine for dinner and not brushing my teeth before bed.

Now that I have been single(ish) for +- a year, I daydream about arguments over who gets the left side of the bed, who gets to do the dishes, whose turn it is to clean the car… and those amazing all-nighter talks until 4am face to face about why communism(ish) has its redeeming factors, sex on tap, not feeling a driving urge to socialise when everyone we need for a party is right there, and… occasionally being embroiled in a heated drama exclusive to the 2 of us that wouldn’t go amiss on a daytime soapie.

Reassuringly human, after all.

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  1. Too true

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