I have lamented the perils of dating a Man Without A Plan for the longest time. So, I deduced that it was an affliction strictly worn by the Younger Man.

Answer is easy, non? Date an Older Man. Tres facile, oui?

Except when you date Keith Richards.

Ah, the Universe. And its relentless quest to teach me a lesson.

I am seeing Grey Haired French Man (aka GHFM) and so far, so unharmed. He’s distinctly wonderful, that special brand of which that forces my jaded self to act love-struck and giddy, and blush and act like a pimply awkward 13 year old.

GHFM could very well be Mr Right. Definitely maybe. We’ve been together for a miniscule amount of time. I am somewhat in awe of him so I can’t really be sure if it’s love or stage fright.

I say awe because he’s the most hardcore man I’ve ever met. If I were a man, I’d want to BE him. He’s ridiculously, outrageously cool. Fatally so. In fact, I’m sure that he should be dead right now, after the life he’s lead.

Of course, that, for him, regaling stories of his mad youth with a shrug, a grunt and a smirk without any arrogance and approval seeking just makes him seven fazillion times more cool.

At first, it was deeply disconcerting, the envy I felt of the years GHFM has had beyond me, filled with being a naughty, crazy bachelor all over the world alongside some of the biggest hipsters.

Then, assured by his relentless pursuit of us dating, I have given in.

An older man has had more “life”. He has had more women, parties, alcohol, questionable substances, jobs and designer sneakers than I have had hot breakfasts.

Scary, that.

Then, a man who’s had so much of everything that any boy could ever want, and still decides that a serious relationship with a womanchild who sometimes acts like a 13 year old awkward teenager is what he wants, no ifs and buts, is certainly worth his weight in oxidised sterling silver.

One Response to “GHFM…”

  1. Long live the older, mature and experienced man

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