A Reasonable Request…

Stop being so unreasonable. What does that even mean? Stop being me so you can be more you all over the place?

I think that in all relationships it’s important to have requirements, boundaries, and, dare I say it, expectations. But, what is reasonable to one person may be utter ludicrousness to someone else…

I have been reading a few books about dating, relationships, etc etc. Steve Harvey keeps saying that men respect women with expectations; if she hasn’t got many, she’s a “throwback” and not a “trophy fish” (gee thanks, because all women aspire to being sailfish), and another book which tritely says that if a guy just does one little thing a smidgen off-cue, “he’s just not that into you”. Jesus Christ people, make it easy, why don’t you?

Hmm. How do I feel about this? Let me put both these stupid books down. I believe women (and men) should have expectations in relationships. But what’s okay, and understandable when you’re 2 weeks/1 month/2 months into it is really nobody’s beeswax but your own. There’s so much literary crap out there to help you argue your way out of any relationship, not one skerrick targeted towards men who’re trying to stumble their way through this minefield of armed and dangerous women… God, I kinda feel sorry for blokes.

What if the guy hasn’t phoned you 24 hours after your first date because he genuinely was scared that you’d think he was desperate? What if you saying you wanted to be his girlfriend after 2 dates was just a little creepy? What if he hasn’t invited you out with his friends because he is pretty sure they’d embarrass the crap out of him with their college tales of his acne-ridden back? What if he hasn’t introduced you to his family yet because he’s sure you wouldn’t survive Mum’s braised ox tongue and bean salad?

It really can’t be easy for nice guys out there.

What with Facebook, push-up bra’s, speed dating, unrivalled gender equality and strap-ons, a man has to eke out his existence and prove his worth in this world like no time before.

Advice: it’s really easy, boys. Be yourself, say what you mean, and mean what you say, and everything will turn out just gravy.

Here’s to Man. A species I wouldn’t like to see become extinct anytime soon.

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