Favourite Mistake…

I have the most beautiful, delicate, titanium-strong girlfriend. We travelled all over Australia together. Her parents are both professors- one in Psychology.

The girl’s not dumb, is what I’m trying to say.

Except lately I’m not so sure…

When we were younger, early 20’s, we’d go out and she had a bullshit radar a mile wide when it came to men. Didn’t matter where we were or what we were drinking- girl always knew what time it was.

When she got married to her delightful man, we were overjoyed. In between differences of faith and countries of origin, they made it work.

For 8 years.

They are now amicably separated- mutual decisions and genteel divisions of pets, cutlery and contents of wallets.

She started dating… Hmm. I cannot express my shock when she’d tell me about her new men. Gems like “I never usually sleep with a man on the first date”, “I wonder why he’s not calling?”, “In your cheffing experience, do men respond better to a roast beef or roast chicken with all the trimmings?”. Errr. Who are you and what have you done with my female-liberated friend?

Am I just completely jaded and mistrusting of all hetero males? Am I bitter and twisted? (Hmm. Next blog!) No, and no. I spent my 20’s in two serious relationships, both had rings involved. I could’ve settled. If I wanted to, that is.

In one year, my romantic notions from days of yore have been replaced with a steely hard exterior borne of negotiating less-than savoury people. I used to worry about that. Now, when I watch my friend, I thank God.

Of course, like all of her friends, I really hope that he is paying for all of her trips overseas to visit him. I truly hope that he knows what her favourite colour is and that she wants to walk down the isle again, because she believes in love, and more importantly, she believes *him*.

I wouldn’t call him her boyfriend, rather, her Favourite Mistake. Every woman needs one at one point in her life.

I am so so glad all the girls in my Monkey Troupe and I are single. God knows any man should be awesome to change that.

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