Christmas Grinch…

Everything looks better in hindsight. Your summer bikini pics from December 1998, your poetry from English class Std 9, your first kiss.

I have been possessed by the Christmas Grinch.

My longest relationship was for 10 years. Charlie was the most grown-up man I’d ever met. All A-Z, black or white, yes or no.

We both deserve medals for all the kakkarella we put each other through. He was no stroll in the park on a breezy Sunday morning, that’s no maybe.

He was, however, THE best gift-giver on planet Earth. Mars, Jupiter even.

Birthdays, Valentines, anniversaries and Christmas. He EXCELLED. Dammitall.

It’s  my first Christmas single and I’m thinking about Charlie and the big presents thoughtfully bought over several months carefully wrapped up in big red bows.

The tin antique Buddha. The whopping iTunes vouchers. The gigantic trampoline in the backyard constructed whilst I was fast asleep.


It took being with someone who bought me a wooden chopping board for Christmas to appreciate Charlie.


I should be grateful I’m saving a small fortune on reciprocal presents to Charlie. But right now, I’d really like a nice big red bow around a little something bought with only me in mind.

And no, no kitchen utensils.


6 Responses to “Christmas Grinch…”

  1. thefinsburyparkdeltics Says:

    I got an exhaust pipe for my birthday once. Is that comparable?

  2. You’re starting to phone them in a bit lately Miss May.. is it something tumultuous and distracting? a real real-life crisis of .. erm searching for the opposite of faith and its apparently ‘certainty’? .. so some1 once said to me: mean what you say and say what you mean, so i’m gonna rehash their advice (it was you)

    Is it the antithesis of this blog to say: its OK to be single? happy christ mass anyway!!

    • My lovely J, yes, the moral of this story is essentially that I’m meaning what I’m saying more now than ever before.

      And I really mean that being single is MORE than ok, its fucking fabulous.

  3. There are still many a Charlie to be found.

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